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13.01.2009 Henning Heinz  
Zlib / GZip compression for the Domino server

While there has been much talk about XPages silently the already-promised-for-R7 HTTP compression arrived.
Server GZip settings
If you have CPU resources left (and current computers have a lot of that) you can improve overall site performance significantly especially for visitors with limited bandwidth.. HTTP compression basically sends all HTML data (and more) zipped to the client that, if the browser supports it, will deflate the data on-the-fly.
From my experience HTTP compression can help reduce initial load times significantly.
Basically the browser itself sends to the webserver the formats it is able to handle and the server responds accordingly. Of course this will also work for javascript and css.
Very nice.
Update: I have disabled the feature for now because the HTTP task is having problems at the moment.

14.01.2009 Jesper Kiaer  E-Mail
RE: Zlib / GZip compression for the Domino server

I have been wanting this feature for ages. It would seem pretty easy to implement, but apparently not.

I have not tested it yet but from the Final Reviewers Guide to Domino 8.5, it seems that it is only files in the file structure on the server, not the NSF data. I hope I am wrong.

Your screenshot hints this to with the exclude MIME types

It should be easy find out, just look in the responds header from the server when serving a web page from a Domino database.

Reviewers Guide:

brgds Jesper Kiaer

14.01.2009 Trollomat  E-Mail
RE: Zlib / GZip compression for the Domino server

I can be wrong but HTML pages show as being gzip enabled. Unfortunately the HTTP task on my server is having problems that could be related to this setting so it is disabled for now.

The exclude Mime types normally only refer to the database itself as any document should be text/html, text/css text/javascript aso.