06.06.2009 Henning Heinz  
Everyone's a Winner

From a recent press release from IBM.

[...] Recent Lotus wins include The Coca-Cola Company, HSBC, ABB, BASF, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fidelity Investments, Hyundai, Liberty Mutual, Linde Group, Mass Mutual, Nationwide, State Bank of India, and The Hartford, among others. [...]
Now that isn't bad at all.
My problem with this list is that most of the names on this list have been at least long-term Notes and Domino customers (I have underlined them). Even the other names could be but I just don't know. So while others have "real" wins, a win for IBM means if someone decides to stay or further invest in the Lotus portfolio.
The advantage of this strategy is that as long as you have customers on Passport Advantage you win every year.
You can even have an erosion in your installed base and still win.
To the defense of IBM. Although it seems a bit like a cheap trick it is getting attention.

09.06.2009 Peter de Haas  E-Mail  http://www.peterdehaas.net
RE: Everyone's a Winner

Exactly my point.

I had a blogpost in mind addressing this. IBM is not presenting Wins over MS here but rather a few clients they've been able to retain ...

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