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12.11.2010 Henning Heinz  
How to crash an XPage. It is very simple

Put this as passthru in a Richtext field and display it using an XPage

<a name="test"><h1>Test</h1></a>

It will generate an
in Domino 8.5.2 (Designer HTTP Preview or Domino server).
This would work fine.

<a name="test" href=""><h1>Test</h1></a>

The error seems to be caused by the missing href attribute although this is valid html.
I am not writing this here to show how bad XPages are but to help someone that is getting the same error message. Cost me a day to find out.

13.11.2010 Peter Leugner  E-Mail
RE: How to crash an XPage. It is very simple

It probably has nothing to do with the error, but it's not valid HTML. H1 is a block element and should not be nested in a inline element like A. Most browsers won't complain though.

01.03.2011 Trollomat  E-Mail 
RE: How to crash an XPage. It is very simple

Well the h1 tag has nothing to do with the problem. The problem will always occur if there is no href value.