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10.02.2008 Henning Heinz  
IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager

I know the product has been put EOL (at least a bit) but I still have demand for replacing FileServer systems with something that works.
I have never been a big fan of Domino.doc but with the DB/2 option available with D8 I decided to look at Domino.doc again (that is now Lotus Domino Document Manager).
What I saw was somewhat disappointing. There is a Flash Demo available at but it looks quite outdated.
Domino Document Manager
Even Open Source solutions like the popular Alfresco have a more modern look (and a Windows Explorer integration using CIFS)
Some functionality is also available within IBM Lotus Quickr. Quickr has a better look and some interesting functionality.
Lotus Quickr
Quickr can be a good investment if you are a Domino shop with little development resources but it is still using a blackbox approach and does not have an equivalent Notes client interface.
The updated UI looks nice but if you have a corporate identity standard be prepared that it will take more than changing one or two css files. While you can use Quickplace on the Extranet its bandwidth requirements and overall performance is optimized for 100 MBit usage. The page of the Quickr screenshot counts 4612 lines within Firefox, has 455 html errors and 20 warning messages and hundreds of lines filled with javascript code. The developers behind the Quickr project have all my respect because this stuff is artwork.
I still think that the Domino Network Filestore (DNFS) introduced in R5 and silently removed later was a good idea that deserves a successor . Especially if the Domino document libraries get the long awaited facelift with R8.5.

12.02.2008 Jesper Kiaer
RE: IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager

I too liked DNFS, and wondered why Lotus removed it. I got an answer at some point that the reason for removing it was performance and scalability, which sounds very likely to me.

Instead they should focus on WEBDAV. It is in Domino for design elements ..why is it not enabled for documents? It would be a very logic & cool thing to do!

brgds jesper Kiaer

13.03.2008 Axel  E-Mail 
RE: IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager

What about Sharepoint?
I've read somewhere that jackrabbit is making serious progress these days. Am planing to test it a bit.
WAS Portal (Express) has a document manager, which isn't actually that bad, but the product as a whole currently simply isn't smb ready. The strength of the thing is more in combination with Process Server in bigger companies and thats a completly different story.
25 to 35 years Java developer heavily tend to be advocates of Liferay. Maybe they are right. A guy is testing it here.