22.09.2009 Henning Heinz  
Lotus knows that I need new glasses

IBM has a new Lotus Notes campaign. It is called Lotus knows.Much content of the flash version is so hard to read for me on my 22 " TFT that I think about visiting a doctor soon. I can't say much about the rest as I am not a marketing expert.
I am little afraid that IBM will continue to "Google translate" their ads to local languages. Some of the recent ads are extremely uncool because they mix english acronyms with German. And if the result then is something like "Lösungen für einen smarten Planeten" a German would probably think more about Smarties than of anything else.
To be honest. The Mc Donald's "I'm loving it" compaign sounds quite stupid too ("Ich liebe es") so this seems to be some kind of a trend that I am too old to follow.

Disclaimer: I still believe that besides advertising the product itself is in need of more development resources to make it more usable outside of the existing customer base. I still think it is too hard to "get Notes". It will be interesting to follow how this will work.

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