03.03.2011 Henning Heinz  
An error has occured (in Domino Designer) THANK YOU

Now I know that IBM recently speaks a lot about testing and quality engineering. In fact whenever there is talk about new features or ports there often is talk about the enormous effort of testing. The reality is that for many things there seem to be no testing at all. For example IBM screwed the WhenDocumentsarebeingPastedAgent in the Domino Directory (the code is just wrong). Any basic testing would have revealed that the code change did not work (it is simple to fix).
Now back to Domino Designer. This piece of software has dramatically improved since 8.0 but still there are crashes and annoying behavior that really drives me nuts.
An error has occured

This nice message appears on several machines if I get too busy in Domino Designer. Not only does it show you a stupid MessageBox. It displays every few seconds until you close all open XPages and start over again.

I feel sorry to say but this is not Enterprise software anymore. What a pity.

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